Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Welcome to Common Threads

Common Threads was created by Sharon Finley in Trenton, Georgia and provides reasonably priced embroidery and custom items for gifts or the home. Sharon can embroider or monogram almost anything. Look to the right to see examples of items. From baby blankets to polo shirts, Common Threads has fulfilled many embroidery and personalizing needs.

Common Threads can work with your ideas to find colors, fonts and designs you want. We can provide materials such as towels and pillowcases or you can mail your own item and they can be personalized and shipped to at a low cost. To order items you see or for your own personalizing, comment on this blog or e-mail a message to

I have attempted to list the most popular items and the cost to have them embroidered.
Price List
Customized binding with ribbon for spoon $10.00
Embroidered name on ribbon $12.00

Burp Pads
Plain (with trim) $7.00
Embroidered $10.00

Hooded Towels
Small plain (with trim) $12.00
Embroidered $15.00
Large plain (with trim) $17.00
Embroidered $20.00

Blanket with custom binding $10.00
Embroidered $12.00

Kitchen towels
Name only $8.00
Name and Design $12.00

Monograms (3 letters) $12.00
Name Embroidery $8.00

Design Embroidery (less than 10K stitches) $10.00 plus cost of item
Design Embroidery (more than 10K stitches) $15.00 plus cost of item

Collapsible Trolley Bag (cost includes bag) $22.00

If you would like to ship an item to me, the cost is $5.00. For more than 10 items, shipping is free.

Also, if you prefer to have me purchase the item i.e., towels, blankets, aprons, table cloths, t-shirts, or baby items, just send me the information about color and/or size and I will include the cost of item and send you receipt showing price.

Please let me know if I can be of further help.